Collective Worship Archive 2021-2022

Collective Worship Themes and Questions 2021-22

Autumn 1 – Compassion“Should you care more about yourself or others?”
Autumn 2 – Celebration“Are all celebrations happy occasions?”
Spring 1 – Curiosity“Does every question have an answer?”
Spring 2 – Courage“Can anyone be courageous?”
Summer 1 – Communication“Do you have to speak the same language to communicate?”
Summer 2 – Changes “Is change always for the best?”

Harvest Festival

Here is some of the Harvest work we have been doing in Skylarks. We looked at Harvest in China and learned about the Autumn Moon festival that they celebrate. We drew the Chinese character for ‘moon’ and designed our own moon cakes. We then spent an afternoon making them! They turned out really well! Some children researched Harvest in Germany and others wrote Harvest poems. 

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