Alongside the National Curriculum, we encourage the children to consider the following three areas too. These are our Golden Threads. These Golden threads apply across all year groups. Their application is alongside the national curriculum objectives.


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At the Churchside Federation, we teach a high quality Geography curriculum through our school topics. We incorporate engaging, practical learning opportunities for the children so they are involved with their learning taking place. We believe that teaching in this way allows the children to develop a sense of curiosity and fascination about the world we live in.

Within the Geography curriculum, we talk with the children about our local Geography whilst contrasting this with places worldwide. We travel on virtual journeys, looking at directions and map work as we ‘explore’ our new surroundings! We use these experiences to recognise similarities and differences between countries and to learn information about various locations. We study human geography, where we look into the studies of people and their communities, cultures, economies as well as how people use the environment surrounding them. During lessons in physical Geography, we concentrate on spatial and environmental processes that shape the natural world. We look at the Earth’s surface, looking at landforms, drainage features, climates, soils and vegetation.

World Geography Games Online - Let's play and learn Geography!

During the Early Years Foundation Stage, children begin to gain a wider experience of the world around them, especially their immediate environments. They learn through first-hand experiences to explore, observe, problem solve, predict, think critically, make decisions and talk about the creatures, people, plants and objects in their communities, cultures and natural environments.

During KS1 years, we focus on building pupils’ knowledge and understanding of their immediate place in the UK and then the world, introduce and begin to navigate maps and symbols to represent places.

During KS2, we widen our learning to places around the world including Europe, North and South America. We understand the use of mapping conventions in more detail including understanding longitude and latitude and beginning to understand the role of the equator. USA, North & South America Games | World Geography Games Online - Let's  play and learn Geography!

Wherever possible, our geography curriculum is enhanced by trips and visitors, as these bring the curriculum alive to our children and create lifelong memorable experiences. We are also committed to outdoor learning opportunities whenever we can. Fieldwork is a vital part of our geography offer and we place a lot of emphasis on this.

All pupils will be encouraged to ask questions, think critically and develop their own sense of perspective of the world. By deepening our children’s knowledge of geography, we will help them to understand how the world has grown and changed over time, the diversity of people’s lives and the possibility for us to live sustainability for the future.

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Geography contributes to SMSC where:-

  • Opportunities for reflection on the creation, earth’s origins, future and diversity are given.
  • Reflection on the fair distribution of the earth’s resources.
  • Studies of people and places gives pupils the chance to reflect on the social and cultural characteristics of society.

Geography Games!

Take a look at these games which encourage your child to use the skills they have developed at school!

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