Philosophy 4 Children

In September 2018 Philosophy 4 Children (P4C) was introduced across Churchside Federation to help to improve the children’s confidence, debating skills and understanding of the world. For more information on how Philosophy 4 Children has been proven to improve standards please look at

Our first year was incredibly successful and by the end of the year we had applied for the Sapere Bronze Award for both schools.

The children have discussed a variety of different topics in P4C sessions, some of which you can see below. Our class scrapbooks are always available for you to come and have a look at! Throughout the year we will be sending some of our big questions home for you to discuss. Remember, in P4C there are no right or wrong answers, it’s all about respecting and celebrating each other’s differences!

Pupil voice about P4C:

“I like that we all get a turn and we don’t miss people out, especially at the end.”

“P4C is not only a lesson to get your thoughts out, but it also makes people think about topics more densely.”

“I think doing P4C makes us more confident at speaking out loud in front of people. I think we listen well to each other’s thoughts because when we say we agree or disagree with someone we have carefully listened to their point.”

“I think P4C is a good way to say whatever you want and be free without being judged.”

“Last time we played a game and some of the questions are funny. The teacher changes it sometimes and it helps us to think more.”

“I like Philosophy because no one can take your opinion away from you.”