Rowan Class

Rowan Class Thursday 26th March

English:  Y4 Punctuating direct speech; Y5 writing both direct and indirect speech.  Interview someone in your house about their views on the school closure.  Can you record their answers as direct speech (e.g. “I’m bored of being at home.” complained my little brother.)  Year 5 challenge: how could you record this as indirect speech too (e.g. My little brother complained that he was bored.)  Make sure you remember ALL the punctuation needed.

Maths Y4:  Solving problems involving fractions & decimals.  Maths Y5: Solving problems involving converting measures.  There are problem sheets to download from the class webpage for both Y4 and Y4 Maths.  If you are unable to access these, the children could make up their own real life problems using things at home to inspire them.  E.g.   A large bottle holds 2.5 litres of lemonade; Each glass holds ¼ of a litre.  If we drink four glasses, how many millilitres will be left in the bottle?  How many more drinks can we have before we run out?

RE: What is a monk?  A monk is someone who has devoted their life to religion.  They tend to live alone or in monasteries and live a very simple life spending their time praying or doing things to help others.  Possible Activities: discuss why someone might choose to become a monk, design a daily timetable for a monk, use lego or other construction equipment to build a monastery, research different types of monks (both now & from throughout history).

Additional Activities: Purple Mash, do something active for PE, PIXl times table app, research what it was like to be a Saxon or Viking child.