Maple Class

Maple Class home learning for Monday 29th June 2020

Spellings – this week we are going to practise some of our phonic skills on Purple Mash for spelling work. Visit Purple Mash-English-SPaG-Phonics-Phase5-Cloze and pick two different sets of sounds to explore. 

English – this week we are going to look at jokes. Today, complete some research on jokes. Do you know any jokes? Do you have a joke book at home to read? Can you ask someone else to share a joke with you. What makes a joke funny? 

Maths – this week we will be exploring shape. Today revise your 2d shape knowledge by going to Purple Mash – Maths – geometry – shape – properties of shape – 2d shape pairs game. How long does it take you to match the shape to its name? Can you play again and go quicker?

Theme – this week we will be learning all about some of the culture, traditions and language in Mexico. Below is a suggested list of activities to choose from, maybe pick one a day to explore. 

– which language do they speak in Mexico?

– How would you say “hello”, “goodbye” and “thank you” in Mexico?

– How would you count to 10 in Mexico? 

– Can you explore writing in Mexico? 

– How would you write your name in Mexico?

– What is the national sport of Mexico? Can you research and practise some of the actions?

– What food is traditionally eaten in Mexico?

– Do people in Mexico have any traditional good luck symbols?  

Thank you, Mrs Keeler.