Oak Class

Oak Class Monday 22nd June

Welcome to another week of learning and fun!

Phonics: Use the letters f and l to blend together to make the sound fl. Use the fl sound to make the words flag, flip and flop.

Say the words, sound them out, write the words. Use the words to make a sentence. Write the sentence. Read the sentence to someone in your home.

Maths: This week we will be having a focus on data handling. Today I would like you to go outside and watch the cars go by! Use or make your own tally on all the different colour cars going by. Remember to count in sets of 5, 4 lines and 1 across to make a bundle of 5. See which is the most popular colour car!

Literacy: I would like to know what you have been doing over the weekend? Have you been playing in the garden, making dens or did you go out to the zoo or the beach? Write down your news and draw a picture. See how much you can do all by yourself!

Topic: Mexico. This week we are going to be looking at festivals. Mexico has many festivals and fiestas throughout the year. Most of them include colourful costumes, music, dancing and food! What can you find out about the festivals in Mexico. One of the most well known festivals is The Day of The Dead where people dress up to celebrate life, and remember those who many longer be around. Why not try and draw your own skull picture and decorate it with flowers.

Have a great day!

Mrs T