Skylarks suggested learning Monday 8th June

This week is investigations week in maths! You will be trying activities that help you to unlock the patterns behind maths. These activities will allow you to be a maths detective, looking for patterns, explaining why they occur and making predictions. These tasks are ideal for young and older children to do together, so feel free to choose one from a class for both your children to do! Older children might like to consider questions such as: Can you see a pattern? What happens if we… Is there a different way of doing this? How many different ways can you find? What is the same and what is different? What have we found out? Today you will be investigating how to measure a really tall tree!English – practicing knowing the difference between articles and nouns. If you want a challenge you can also look for proper nouns. Science – We will continue learning about the human body, this week focusing on our senses. Have a look at the suggested activities and present them as creatively as you like!