Oak Class

Oak Class Friday 10th July

It’s Friday! Well done everyone! We have made it to Friday! I hope you have all had a great week! Thank you to those sending me all your hard work at home! I love seeing all your amazing crafts, writing and maths. Thank you.

Phonics: Use the letters n an k to make the blend at the end of words nk. Make the words sink, wink and think. Say the words, sound them out and write them down. Use a computer to write a sentence with one or two of the words in. What other words can you think of that end in a nk sound. Write a list, see how many you can get!

Maths: Make your own missing number addition sentences. Try working out 3+?=10, or ? + 6 = 8. See how many you can do!

Literacy: Read your comic to someone at home. Why not try and record it and send it to me!

Topic: Mexico. Art work. Why not try making your own Mexican art work using lots of vibrant colours, patterns and shapes.Have a good day Oak Class!

Take Care x