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Thursday 9th July 2020 Elm Class learning

Spellings: This week, we are going back to looking at adding the suffixes able/ably and ible/ibly to words. I have attached posters to this post which explain the rules. Usually, able/ ably are added to words, where the full root word can be heard before the suffix such as enjoyable. Ible and ibly are usually added when the full root word cannot be heard, such as terrible and terribly.

Can you have a go at making up some of your own sentences, using some of the words below?






















Arithmetic: This week, we are going back to revising finding percentages of amounts. On the class webpage, I have attached a percentages knowledge organiser to help you if you are stuck cannot remember how to find certain percentages.

Here is how to find some of the common percentages:

10% = 1/10, so divide the number by 10.

5% = 5/100- find 10% and half your answer.

1% = 1/100, divide the number by 100

25% = ¼, divide the number by 4

50% = divide the number by 2

75% = 3/4 , divide the number by 4, multiply this by 3.

Can you have a go at these?

 25% of 21110=

17% of 600=

35% of 1200=

Grammar: Today we are going to find as many synonyms as we can for ‘said’! You can use your reading book, think of your own or find some using an online thesaurus! When writing speech from a character, it is much more interesting to use different words to said, to show the reader how the speech was spoken by the character.

English: L.O. To create your own P4C discussion based on how Kate becomes an outlaw.

Today you are going to consider Kate’s story and create your own P4C discussion.

Remember to make your question a diamond question!

It should:

•        have colour (be interesting)

•        cut straight to the point

•        have carat/ weight (be important)

•        have clarity (understandable to all).

Maths: L.O- I can work out the area and perimeter of squares and rectangles using an algebraic formula.

Can you have a go at working out the missing lengths of the shapes, using your knowledge of how to work out perimeter and area of a shape. This is given to you in an algebraic formula today. See if you can challenge yourself!

Topic: Please find attached, or see the class webpage for the list of activities this week. In our topic this week, we are focussing on art that has originated from Mexico!

Stay safe,

Miss Coates.