Hazel Class

Take a look at what we did in the Autumn Term!

This half term our topic is Night at the Museum.

In Hazel Class, we’ve been exploring what museums are, whilst going on some virtual tours of museums, thinking about the things we’d find in museums as well as why museums are important.

What are we reading at the moment?
This is our class reader!

In our English Lessons, we’ve been exploring this book:

We’ve been writing persuasive letters, take a look at some here:

In P.E, we are going to become clowns! We’re going to be creating some performance dance, thinking about how we can move our bodies to create movements similar to clowns.

In Science, we’ve been learning about animals, including amphibians, birds, reptiles and mammals.

Take a look at some of the amphibians and reptiles we have created using playdough. Can you guess what animals they might be?

In Art, we’ve been learning about the primary colours and been mixing these to create our own colours. We then used these colours to create a piece of artwork inspired by Piet Mondrian named the Composition with Yellow, Blue and Red.