How can we help our neighbours?

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This half term, we’re going to be learning about our neighbours, thinking about those neighbours who we may never meet but thinking of ways which we can help them. We’ll be thinking about fundraising, sharing what we have learnt as well as persuading others to help those around us.

In our English lessons, we’re going to reading a book written by Melanie Walsh, named ‘10 things I can do to help my world’. We’ll be using the ideas in this book to explore the problems in our world and what we can do to help them, considering those around us and the impact these problems have on them too.

10 Things I Can Do to Help My World Printables, Classroom Activities,  Teacher Resources|

In our Geography lessons, we’re going to be looking at human and physical geography in our local area and other areas in the United Kingdom, to see if they are similar or not. In order for us to fully understand our local area, we’ll be using our fieldwork skills to learn more about our immediate environment. We’ll then use this learning to explore an area of Africa, Zambia, comparing this to areas of the United Kingdom.

C:\Users\Miss Gannon.1157-HPSTAFF-05\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.MSO\58B8FB5A.tmp Map Of Africa: Zambia Map Of Africa

During our PATHS and PSHE lessons, we’re going to taking a closer look at self esteem and exploring the feelings of others as well as our own feelings. We’ll be thinking about diseases and how they are spread and how we need to be responsible for our own safety and the safety of others. We’ll be thinking about different types of friendships and thinking about secrets and surprises. C:\Users\Miss Gannon.1157-HPSTAFF-05\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.MSO\334FB78A.tmp C:\Users\Miss Gannon.1157-HPSTAFF-05\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.MSO\11DF2828.tmp

In Science, we’re going to be learning about animals and animal families. We’ll be identifying and naming animals we see and sorting them into groups. We’re going to be learning about animals which are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and what each of these words mean.

1,068,682 Cartoon Animals Illustrations & Clip Art - iStock Have diets across the animal kingdom changed over time? | Evolution Letters

In Art, we’re going to learning about sketching and shading skills to help produce landscape drawings. We’ll be looking at artists who use these skills to produce their artwork and having a go at producing our own, these include Vincent Van Gogh and Henri Rousseau. Sketching - The Art of The Moment - Nguyen Art Gallery Henri Rousseau

In Music, we’ll be listening to different types of music, thinking about the unstruments we can hear and making comments on them. In French we’ll be learning basic French greetings and the names of animals in French. In computing, we’ll be exploring e-safety and making sure we use the technology safely and respectfully.

In R.E, our new enquiry question is: How did the universe come to be?
We’ll use this enquiry question to help us explore the beliefs of other religions into how the universe came to be and thinking about how we need to make sure we look after it. C:\Users\Miss Gannon.1157-HPSTAFF-05\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.MSO\C5A0B7BB.tmp

Passport to the World!

This half term, our topic of Passport to the World! The children have asked some fantastic questions about this topic which we’ll be answering soon.

In our English lessons, we’re going to reading Anna Hibiscus by Atinuke, using our drama and role play skills to truly understand the story as well as having a go at writing some poetry.

In History, we’re learning about famous explorers and how they have impacted the world we live in as well as the wonderful things they have taught us. We’re going to learning about Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong, the Wright Brothers, Edith Cavell and Queen Elizabeth II.

During our PATHS and PSHE lessons,.  We’re going to be delving in a bit deeper into the feeling ‘worry’ as well as exploring ways we can keep in control of our feelings.

In Geography we’re going to remind ourselves of the continents and oceans, as well as what makes the United Kingdom.  

In Science, we’re going to be exploring materials and having a go at lots of experiments to answer our investigation questions!  We need to think about how to be excellent scientists to make sure that our data is accurate and reliable!

In Art, we’re going to learning about printing and sculpture, we’re going to find out about a famous artist named Barbara Hepworth and will be having a go at creating our own sculpture in her style.


In R.E, our new enquiry question is: What do my senses tell me about the world of religion and belief?

World Book Day

World Book Day was a little different this year, with lots of the children celebrating at home. We still made sure to have lots of fun though. Miss Gannon flew us to South Africa! Here she is with our boarding pass!

When we landed, we realised that we needed to travel to South Africa because our book was based there!

Miss Gannon read the book The Ugly Five to us and planned some activities for us to do based on the book too!

We made African animal puppets!

Hazel Class Spring Term 2021

Take a look at some of the fantastic work our Hazel Home Heroes who have been busy completing their learning missions at home!

Our new topic for his half term is Changes, where we’re going to be exploring the wonderful changes that happen around us as well as to us.

In History and DT we’re going to be exploring the question, how have clothes changed?

We’re going to be travelling back in time to look at the types of clothes worn by people in different historical periods. Then we’re going to have a go at designing our own item of clothing and then creating it using our sewing skills!

In Geography, our key question is: ‘How does the weather change?’ To answer this, we’re going to exploring human and physical features of different parts of the world as well as the weather patterns.

In Science, we’re going to looking at nocturnal animals as well as the materials that surround us to help us answer the question: How do materials change? We’re going to take a look at colour, changes in materials as well as what materials are used for.

We’re going to continue our Computing, Music learning, thinking about how we can stay safe online and playing instruments in Music!

In R.E, our important question is: What does the Cross mean to Christians?.

Thanks for coming to the Hazel Class page!

Miss Gannon

Take a look at what we did in the Autumn Term!

This half term our topic is Night at the Museum.

In Hazel Class, we’ve been exploring what museums are, whilst going on some virtual tours of museums, thinking about the things we’d find in museums as well as why museums are important.

What are we reading at the moment?
This is our class reader!

In our English Lessons, we’ve been exploring this book:

We’ve been writing persuasive letters, take a look at some here:

In P.E, we are going to become clowns! We’re going to be creating some performance dance, thinking about how we can move our bodies to create movements similar to clowns.

In Science, we’ve been learning about animals, including amphibians, birds, reptiles and mammals.

Take a look at some of the amphibians and reptiles we have created using playdough. Can you guess what animals they might be?

In Art, we’ve been learning about the primary colours and been mixing these to create our own colours. We then used these colours to create a piece of artwork inspired by Piet Mondrian named the Composition with Yellow, Blue and Red.