Hazel Class

How has technology shaped the world?

Here’s a brief overview of what we’ll be getting up to each week to help us answer our key question.

*The other subjects will be woven into our weekly timetable through weekly slots*


What is technology? What can technology look like? How do we use technology in our lives?

Computing focus


What is transport? What types of transport are there? How does transport help us in our lives? How has transport changes?

What are rollercoasters? What makes them different? Why are structures important for a rollercoaster?

History focus

DT Focus


What is weaving? What things around us are woven?

What is a sculpture? How are they made? What makes sculptures different to other types of artwork?

Art focus


Who’s who in the animal world? What different animals are found around the world?

Designing our very own ‘around the world’ zoos!

What do we need to eat to stay healthy? What foods are eaten around the world?

Science focus

DT Focus


How has technology shaped the world?

Rounding off the topic, what have we learnt? Answering the key question.

This half term, we’re going to be learning about what types of technology we share our world with and how these different types of technology support our lives and help us complete daily tasks. We’ll be exploring the technology we use in our lives, school and home, considering how important they are and what the world might look like without them!

In our English lessons, we’re going to reading a book written by Sean Taylor and Alex Morss, named ‘Winter Sleep’. We’re going to be reading sections of the story, helping us understand hibernation and help us write our own sets of instructions and poems.

Winter Sleep: A Hibernation Story : Taylor, Sean, Morss, Alex, Chiu,  Cinyee, Pither, Emily: Amazon.co.uk: Books

This half term, we’ll be exploring this question: How have changes in Transport and Travel affected this area/the world? We’ll be taking a look at different types of transport, thinking about how transport has changed people’s lives. We’ll be creating our very own timeline, looking at how different types of transport have changed throughout the years!

History of transport - Wikipedia

During our PATHS and PSHE lessons, we’re going to taking a closer at our bodies and how they they work, we’ll be thinking about what is similar and what is different between a girl and boy’s body. We’ll be taking a look at how our bodies grow from a child to an adult. We’ll be thinking about diseases and how they are spread and how we need to be responsible for our own safety and the safety of others. We’ll be thinking about what happens when things get lost or things change in our lives and how this can impact on our feelings.

Child to Adult Growth Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock
The Human Animal: Beastly Names for People | Merriam-Webster

In Science, we’re going to be exploring the names of animals, adding to our already everygrowing list of animals we know from the Autumn Term! Watch this space to find out how we design a zoo for different countries around the world!

In Art, we’re going to learning about weaving and sculpture, considering the skills we need to help produce pieces of these artwork. We’ll be looking at artists who use these skills to produce their artwork and having a go at producing our own, these include Barbara Hepworth and Anni Albers.

In computing, we’ll be starting to explore coding and how these are closely linked to giving clear instructions. We’ll be looking at different types of technology and reminding ourselves on how we can stay safe online.

In R.E, our new enquiry question is: What do Jewish people remember on Shabbat?

We’ll be taking a closer look at the Judaism religion, looking at similarities and differences.

In Design and Technology, we’re going to be looking at cooking and nutrition, exploring different food groups and how we can look after our bodies with a healthy diet.

We’re also going to be looking at structures, with our end goal of creating our very own rollercoasters for a ping pong ball to travel down!

Here are the knowledge organisers you’ll need for this half term: