Design & Technology

Our Design and Technology curriculum makes a contribution to SMSC through:-

  • Reflecting on ingenious products and inventions, the diversity of materials and ways in which design technology can improve the quality of life.
  • Awareness of the moral dilemmas created by technical advances, the impact of ‘winners and losers’ ethos.
  • How different cultures have contributed to technology.
  • Opportunities to work as a team, recognising others’ strengths, sharing equipment.
  • Giving pupils the opportunity to examine cultural differences in food and diet.
  • Reflecting on the social issues around food such as price, income and fairtrade.
  • Acknowledging government guidelines for health and dietary requirements.
  • Reflecting on the moral issues concerning food production in third world countries.

Design and Technology Ambassadors

Gooderstone Ambassadors

Mundford Ambassadors

School Garden

Over at Mundford we have been working very hard to turn an empty space into a school garden for digging and growing. We have grown vegetables from seed and are looking forward to cooking with them in the summer term. We would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents and helpers who have kindly volunteered their time and resources to help turn our outside space into something “blooming” marvellous. 

Cookery Club

Every Monday we offer a cookery club for children at Mundford School. Miss Smith and Miss Brown teach and support the children with making and baking, and the children take home their creations. They will be learning how to make cupcakes, pastry, a tomato based sauce, pizza and cookies. Alongside the cooking, the children learn about the importance of food hygiene and the principles of a healthy and balanced approach to food. The school always smells amazing during the cookery club.

Moving Pictures in Maple

Maple Class were keen to share their moving picture mock-ups this week. They could explain which techniques they had used for making part of their picture move and are excited to develop their design further. They made some good evaluation comments about what worked well and what they will change. 

Hazel SAW day

During their fruit themed SAW day, Hazel Class learnt all about fruit and the importance of fruit in a healthy balanced diet. They then learnt how to safely cut fruit and pierce on to a skewer for their fruit kebab.

Design and Technology at Home

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Design and Technology – Why It’s Important