Marvellous Maths!

11th February 2021

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5 things you can do NOW to help your child’s Maths:

  • Sing times table songs.
  • Use money in a shop & work out the change.
  • Ask them what the time is.
  • Play a board game.
  • Cook something together.

At Churchside, we aim to foster an enthusiasm for Maths, at the same time as developing a confident understanding of the subject. Children should be able to effectively use Maths as a tool both within and outside of school.  They should also develop an interest in the subject in its own right, by exploring patterns and discussing mathematical ideas.

Maths teaching takes a variety of forms: arithmetic Maths meetings (aka. ‘We Love Maths’ & ‘We will rock Maths’) and the daily Maths lesson develop a secure understanding of mathematical concepts and skills; cross-curricular lessons give children a chance to use these skills for a real purpose; Wonder Maths applies their philosophy skills to a Mathematical concept and helps them to understand that there isn’t always a right answer. Throughout the week all children have opportunities to both develop their ability to work independently and to work collaboratively, discussing their ideas in pairs or groups.

We use a range of models and images to help children develop a firm understanding of mathematical concepts. Our Calculations Policy shows how we teach each mathematical operation, the steps they progress through, ways of modelling each and the key vocabulary.  We have added an extra section on Fractions to show how to model this particular tricky area of Maths.  These policies ensure a consistent approach across the classes and  parents may also find these documents useful when supporting at home.

How can I help my child at home?

Our Maths Essentials set out the core facts and skills that children need to succeed in each year group alongside ideas for activities you can do. These can all be easily practised at home. Our End of Year Expectations booklets give more detail as to the what children should be able to do by the end of each school year. The following websites are also useful:

Useful Links

Churchside Federation Calculations Policy

Churchside Federation Calculations Policy for Fractions