Modern Foreign Languages

MFL at the Churchside Federation

It is our aim at Churchside Federation to enable children to discover new cultures through an understanding and appreciation of how different people communicate across the globe. We will nurture children to aspire to reach beyond their geographical location and to use the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking to progress substantially in other languages. We will also link our language skills to an appreciation of the unique cultures in which they are spoken, allowing us to apply our cross –curricular learning ethos to other subject areas such as Geography and history.

National Curriculum

Languages play an increasingly important role in everyday life as our surroundings become more multi-cultural. Language teaching should equip pupils to communicate with speakers from other countries both in speech and writing, as well as enabling them to explore a wider variety of literature and culture, helping them to gain a deeper understanding of the world.

Modern language teaching at the primary stage focuses on practical communication and allowing progress to be made in one chosen language. Pupils can deepen their understanding of vocabulary, grammatical structures and the patterns and sounds of language through exploring songs, rhymes, poems and stories. Linked to the spoken language section of the English curriculum, the core focus is enabling children to communicate orally, ask and answer questions and to develop their listening skills.

Useful website links to practice your language skills at home: – Spanish

This year we are learning French across the Churchside Federation!

Recently we celebrated European Languages Day on the 26th September.

Some classes tried different French foods…

Some learned about the French artist Monet and painted works of art inspired by him…

We looked up which countries in the world speak French using an atlas…

And practiced our numbers to 20 with some fun games!