Modern Foreign Languages

MFL at the Churchside Federation

At the Churchside Federation we learn about different cultures across the curriculum, for example through Geography, History and RE. Our foreign language skills are developed in a variety of ways including through listening to and learning songs, practice on websites such as Duo lingo and answering the register in different languages.

National Curriculum

Languages play an increasingly important role in everyday life as our surroundings become more multi-cultural. Language teaching should equip pupils to communicate with speakers from other countries both in speech and writing, as well as enabling them to explore a wider variety of literature and culture, helping them to gain a deeper understanding of the world.

Modern language teaching at the primary stage focuses on practical communication and allowing progress to be made in one chosen language. Pupils can deepen their understanding of vocabulary, grammatical structures and the patterns and sounds of language through exploring songs, rhymes, poems and stories. Linked to the spoken language section of the English curriculum, the core focus is enabling children to communicate orally, ask and answer questions and to develop their listening skills.

Useful website links to practice your language skills at home: – Spanish

Language Learning at Churchside

Year 4 and 5 children from both schools were lucky enough to go to Iceni Academy for a Mandarin lesson from the language department. They learned to count to 100 and write the characters for these numbers.

‘’It was really fun learning Mandarin, the numbers are so complicated!’’

Oran, Y4

‘’I thought it was cool how they write numbers and I liked the different sounds you make when you say the numbers.’’

Rose, Y4

Owls class had a No Plans day where they learned all about France. Here is some of their fabulous work from the day!

Kestrels class French words


Travelling Ted’s Winter Trip!

Over Winter term, the children in Skylarks class at Gooderstone were busy creating a Christmas themed shoebox home for Travelling Ted who is off to visit their partner school in Toledo, Spain. The children wrote letters to accompany Ted explaining what an English Christmas is like. They also included parts of Spanish in their letters, including how to say ‘Merry Christmas’, their age and writing a Spanish address.

We hope to exchange more letters with our pen pals in the future and to work on other collaborative projects to improve our Spanish skills using the eTwinning platform.