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Thursday 16th July 2020 Elm Class learning

Today and tomorrow are very exciting, as we are going to be partaking in a virtual sports day! All the activities can easily be done from home and when you have completed your activities, you can send me your times and distances covered via email. The winners for each event for each class will be announced when all of the entries are in!

Spellings: Can you practice the ‘ough’ spellings using a strategy from the spelling menu? Be as creative as you like in order to help you remember the spellings of the words.

Arithmetic: This week, I would like you to practice your long multiplication skills. Remember, when you are multiplying by a 10, you should always start with a zero in your column as a place value holder. Can you have a go at the questions below?

476 x 98 =

324 x 56 =

7784 x 34=

Grammar:  Today we are going to look at using apostrophes to show a word has been contracted. For example, does not become doesn’t and she will becomes she’ll. The apostrophe shows tow words have been joined together and certain letters have been dropped to join the two words together. Can you have a go at the activity below, adding in contracted words to the gaps, which make sense in the sentences?

English: Have a look at the suggested transition activities below. These are a great way to reflect on the year and think about the new class you are going into. Which activity will you try today? If you would like to finish reading Holes, I will keep the PDF on the class webpage for you to finish the book and find out what happens! Can you have a go at another transition activity today?

Maths: Today, we are going to be putting all of our skills involving time into practice, and having a go at some time words problems! I have uploaded a silver and bronze challenge to the class webpage for you to have a go at! Can you challenge yourself?

Topic: Happy virtual sports day! Can you have a go at the activities listed below? Remember to record the time you finished your event or the distance you covered to me and then we can announce a winner in each event for the class!

Good luck with the sports events!

Miss Coates.