Art & Design

Pablo Picasso “every child is an artist.”

At Churchside Federation the Art curriculum will allow children of all ages to express themselves and enhance their creativity. Art helps to create a mindful approach to learning by developing an understanding that there are many ways of interpreting the world. Our intent is to teach children to think, feel and express themselves in a way that is not limited to what words can express. At Churchside we intend to inspire children by teaching them to understand that Art can be accessed by everyone and success is not limited by knowledge.

Curriculum Overview Statement Art

Churchside Federation Art and Design Policy

Key Assessment Checklists

Art Assessment Year 1

Art Assessment Year 2

Art Assessment Year 3

Art Assessment Year 4

Art Assessment Year 5

Art Assessment Year 6

Enjoy a virtual tour of The National Art Gallery at

We enjoy Art and Design at The Churchside Federation, and would like to share some of the wonderful creative work we have on display in our corridors.

Thank you to everyone who so generously donated frames for our Art Gallery. As you can see it is begnning to take shape and the children’s art work looks fabulous in the frame. More art work and frames coming soon.