Mundford Church of England Primary Academy

Hazel Class

Welcome to Hazel Class!

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In our English lessons we will begin by reading the book Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers where we will look at how fantastic Planet Earth really is! We will use this story to link to other planets, people, animals as well as how to look after our planet too.

What will we be learning about?

During this half-term we will learning about Journeys! We will be linking our learning to these subjects:

Geography What does this map say?

A mini topic where we will be looking at maps in a bit more detail, working out what the symbols mean and the use of a key too.

Where on Earth?

We will go on a ‘journey’ around Earth to identify countries and continents.

We will be using language of near, far, left and right to help describe the location of objects.


Science Plants, Plants, Plants!

We are going to identify plants and trees and will be having a go at practising our sketching skills to draw them really carefully.


We will be learning about the changes that happen during the Autumn season and compare these to the Summer season too.

Art Sketching!

We are going to be practising our sketching skills to create different types of lines and using shading and texture within our artwork.

We are going to be using our sketching skills to create artwork to show a journey!

Famous Artists

We will be learning about Wassily Kandinsky and having a go at recreating his artwork in different ways.

MFL – French en français

We will be looking at the country of France and finding out how to say good morning and good afternoon in French!

Computing Let’s stay safe

We will be talking about e-safety and how we can make sure we are staying safe when we are online. We will talk about personal information and who to share it with.

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!

We will be using the BeeBots to create, debug and implement instructions and will have a go at recording our instructions for others to follow too.

History Explorers!

We will be answering the question: Who are famous explorers? Looking at people who have explored our country and those who have explored parts of space too!

We will be using our Maths skills to help place important events on a timeline!

P.E P.E Days are on a Tuesday and Thursday, please ensure your child is wearing their kit to school on these days.

On a Tuesday we are learning how to dance, creating shapes and levels with our bodies. We will also be learning some dance routines to pieces of music!

On a Thursday we are learning about Athletics and will be learning how to control the speed of our movements – running/jogging/walking as well as navigating around and over obstacles. We are also going to be having a go at throwing thinking carefully about the distance and accuracy of our throwing.


Collective Worship:

We will be taking part in Collective Worship in the classroom daily. We will be exploring the value Kindness within our discussions.

Ways to help your child at home:

Phonics Play: Take a look at the free games for children to play at home to practise their segmenting and blending skills. There is currently a login which allows access to the entire website, username: march20 password: home

Teach Your Monster to Read: A fantastic online resource (which is free to use on computers) where your child works their way through a virtual world completing reading/phonics challenges as their go!

Use Oxford Reading Owls to access free eBooks. If you use the book bands drop down menu, you can select the colour band that your child has on their reading books.

Number Bonds

Number Bonds are really useful with different areas of Maths learning, the more the children can remember them the faster they will become with their Maths work. Practise finding the different ways to make 10 with objects you have at home!

Take a look at the online activities that Oxford Owl have on their website: