Mundford Church of England Primary Academy

Hazel Class

Welcome to Hazel Class!

Obviously, times are a bit strange at the moment, but I will try to continue in the vein we have in class.

My topic is Take One Picture

We chose The King of Winter……hence our Polar bear activities.

Our English is based around the book Leaf and we are focussing on Measurement in Maths.

Hopefully the lesson plans will be fun and self-explanatory. If you are not self isolating it may be an option for the children to do them with their classmates/friends. If they have older siblings they may also be able to help or become the teacher.

I’m hoping to get more tech savvy as we proceed, so don’t worry if there are things which you don’t have time for or the opportunity to do. Reading together and playing games are always great activities to do.

Ms Beaumont.

Useful Information

Our class reading book is The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. We are only 2 chapters in so if you have the book or DVD you could read or watch it with your child.

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Letters and

End of year expectations for Year 1