Mundford Church of England Primary Academy

Oak Class

Oak Class Friday 27th March

It’s Feel Good Friday!

Phonics: Use the ur sound in the words purple and turtle. Can you write a short story about a turtle? Or make a list of all the ur words you have been working on this week. Well done!

Creative: Chester zoo are doing live feeding sessions today to watch the animals. Can you draw a picture of the animal you like the most.

Music: Play a song you can dance to with your family. Ask them to choose a song they like and explain why they like that song. Feel good this Friday and Dance!

Keep smiling everyone.😀 We can do this.

Mrs T

Home Learning Archive

We love school!

We are having a great time!

Our topic this term is

Take One Picture

We are using the Book
Blue Penguin
with Power of Reading
to learn about feelings, helping each other, penguins and the World we live in.

We are going to Banham zoo to watch real penguins as the South Pole is too far away!

Please don’t forget to use your Talking Books to keep in touch! Or come in and have a chat if you are worried or need to find out how well your child is doing! My door is always open!

Mundford Junction Dates

Come to school for an hour or so and find out about how your child is learning and how we can work together to make school even better! (And perhaps a bit of craft too!)

Wednesday 29th January 9:10

Tuesday 10th March 9:10

Wednesday 6th May  9:10

Tuesday 7th July 9:10


We have a busy time in Oak Class but we try to stick to our Timetable as much as possible!   Every day we have our Fast Phonics session to help us with reading, spellings and writing. We also have Maths and a Literacy focus where we may be concentrating on writing formation, stories, lists and poems etc.

Here are some reminders so you know what else we get up to on each day!


We start the week off by handing in our Talking Books so we can catch up on any news over the weekend. We also have P.E. in the afternoon so please remember all the P.E. kit!


The afternoon is our topic focus where we might be painting and creating. Get ready for messy fun! (and perhaps a bit more washing!)


Another topic session and P.E! We will be worn out!


We will be having a focussed session on outdoor play, so please make sure we have appropriate clothes for being outside like a coat and a change of shoes.


Please hand in your Talking Books so we can inform you of the learning focus for the following week. This should help you be aware what learning will be happening in the class and any information and dates you may need to know about.

End of year expectations for Reception