Mundford Church of England Primary Academy

Maple Class

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Welcome to Hogwarts!

We hope you have had an enjoyable and rested Christmas break and are ready to have a great half term of learning!

Maple Class has been transformed into the Wizarding World, with all manner of magical items everywhere.

Having received a letter from Hogwarts, the children will be finding out how to write formal and informal letters. As young witches and wizards they know all about galleons, sickles and knuts, but need to learn how to use Muggle money when not in the wizarding world – this will hopefully include a trip to a local Muggle shop to purchase chocolate frogs! We also need to help the kitchen elves to calculate how much food to produce for all those hungry students using multiplication and division. We will help Dobby count in twos to match up socks and help him towards his quest for freedom. We will also be measuring out ingredients in Potions. In Herbology they will be finding out about plants, their structure and what they need to live and grow – although we will be staying away from the Whomping Willow. Care of Magical Creatures will focus on the smallest of creatures, which we will have to search for. In our P.E. sessions we will be practising our movements in gymnastics – essential for great broomstick control. We are also going to be finding out about grid references, so we can find out where different things are on the Marauder’s Map.

We will also be investigating the history of toys and how they compare to modern toys, so now you have a great excuse to dig out your Action Men, Sindy, old games consoles, My Little Pony etc and share them with your children.

We will be making collages with a magical theme, creating spreadsheets, thinking about music from magical films and finding out about the importance of the story of Moses to Jews.

If you have any problems or concerns regarding your children (or want to share something positive too – we like good news!), please feel free to come and talk to us.

Mrs A Adams, Mrs S Stayton & Mrs L Stoker


Maple Mundford Junction Dates:

  • 23/01/19 2-3pm
  • 12/03/19 2-3pm
  • 14/05/19 2-3pm
  • 26/06/19 9-10am


P.E. is on Wednesday. P.E. kit will be needed on this day. Tuesday is also our adventure playground day when outdoor trainers will be needed. Please ensure earrings are out on all these days and long hair is tied back.

Spellings are tested every Friday morning and new words are given out for children to learn for the next Friday. Spellings are linked to the phonics we are learning and are also linked to handwriting. This means that the words children are learning are more relevant to them. They also include high frequency words.

Homework will also be given out on Friday to be handed in by the following Thursday.

We aim to hear your child read and change their books at least twice a week, but this can only be achieved with your help! We will also be doing group reading and comprehension work.

Please try to hear your child read every day and talk about the story they have read. It is important to record this in the yellow book that comes home with the reading book, also to record comments about their reading. If they have shared a book with you at home, please also include this in the yellow book as we like to know what else they have been reading. Please note that we will not change their reading books if you have not written in the yellow book.

Children will need outdoor trainers, or boots in wet weather, to change into at lunchtimes. This is because they will be on the field and we do not want to bring mud into the classroom. They will change in the cloakroom area before going out.

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