Mundford Church of England Primary Academy

Maple Class

Welcome to Maple Class!

Welcome back! We hope you all had a relaxing and restful break and are ready for the term ahead.  This term our theme is “Take One Picture” and are learning will follow as below:

Week 1 – Children in Art – look at William Hogarth “The Graham Children 1742”. What can the painting tell us about children in the past? What was their life like? How do we know? Compare to Vincent Van Gogh “Two Children”, Leonardo da Vinci “Madonna on the rocks” and Claude Monet “Mother and Child”. What similarities and differences are there between these children in Art? 

Week 2 – Children in the Past – look at baby photos from the children, their parents, grandparents, and staff. What can the photos tell us about children in the past? How does that compare to the children in art paintings we looked at last week? 

*Friday 17th January 9-10am Maple Mundford Junction

Week 3 – Toys in the Past – discuss toys children had for Christmas. What toys did children have in the past? What did your parents have when they were younger? Look at the paintings, what toys can we see? What do we think the children might have played with? How do we know?

Week 4 – Toys during the War – see BBC clip  Discuss and compare similarities and differences. Look at evidence of play and toys? Scouts and girl guides, compare to children’s own experiences of Beaver Scouts and Brownies.

Week 5 – Victorian Toys – what where they like? Made from? How are they similar/different to previous toys we have learnt about?

Week 6 – No Paper Week Can we make and play games/toys from the past, without using paper?

Week 7 – Roman Toys – what where they like? Made from? How are they similar/different to previous toys we have learnt about?

Week 8 – Toys of the future? What might your children and grandchildren play with? Can we design and make toys of the future? What materials will they use?

Week 9 – Science experiments with toys.  What are toys made from (materials)? Sort toys into different criteria.  Test toys that bounce. Test toys with wheels.  How to keep teddy dry?

No Paper Week

Maple Class have enjoyed learning without paper and have been very practical and imaginative as a result. The photos below give you a taste of what we have been doing. If you would like to make the mini crumbles at home, see the recipe below also.

Visits and visitors

Maple Class were extremely lucky to have a visit from some falcons, as part of learning all about birds and fish.  Thank you Mr Jermy for bringing your falcons and sharing many interesting facts with us.

Maple Mundford Junctions

Our next Maple Mundford Junction will be on:

Friday 17th January at 9.10am.

Thank you to everyone who attended our bedtime stories junction. We hope you enjoyed coming back to school in your pj’s and sharing hot chocolate and biscuits! #shareastory

Marvellous Maple Readers

Reading is our focus this year, so to get off to a flying start we have our new circus themed reading area.

PE will be on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. 

Adventure playground will be on a Tuesday.

Please ensure earrings are removed for both.