Mundford Church of England Primary Academy

Sycamore Class

Welcome to Sycamore Class!

A night at the Museum!

Welcome back Sycamore Class and a very happy new year to you all!

Our new topic this half term is ‘A night at the Museum!’ With this topic, we will be travelling back in time and using artefacts and different sources to experience what life was like in the past!

We will be using two books in class, Rose Blanche and Letters from the Lighthouse. Both of these books are set in WW2 and will look at what life was like during the war for different groups of people, based on their beliefs. We will be completing an in depth study of the causes of WW2, the key events and how the war ended. A key part of our studies will be looking at Anne Frank and the diary she wrote during hiding. We will look into her life and why she had to hide away.

As part of our Geography, we will be looking at comparing the different settlements of London and Norfolk and looking at the impact the war had on London, including the impacts on housing, businesses and the population. We will then look at the Geography of rivers and sail down the River Thames. We will look at how the usage of the river has changed over time!

Explaining Fossils for Kids | LoveToKnow In Science, we will looking at evolution and inheritance. We will look at how humans and animals have evolved over time and how they have adapted to suit their environment. We will also look at fossils, creating our own fossils and diving into the world of dinosaurs, to discover the evidence we have for dinosaur existence!

In Art, we will be using the symbol of the poppy, which is often used as sign of remembrance of those who fought in the war. We will be looking at vivid colours, patterns and abstract artists and creating our own abstract art based on poppies!

In DT, we will be using our woodwork skills to plan and make an evacuee trinket box, to keep all our possessions as an evacuee!

I am looking forward to a very busy term ahead!

I have attached a knowledge organiser with key vocabulary and information to support the topics in our learning above.

Miss Coates