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Sycamore Class

Welcome to Sycamore Class!

Year 6 Knowledge Organiser

This knowledge organiser will help you with all of our learning this half term. Take a look for key vocabulary and information linked to our studies on journeys.

Journeys Knowledge Organiser KS2

Journeys Knowledge Organiser KS2 2

Welcome to Sycamore Class!

We are starting this brand new term by looking at the book ‘Here we are’ by Oliver Jeffers. We are going to focus on the beauty of our Earth and admiring the vastness of our planet. We will be looking at how the world is a constantly changing place and ways we can look after our planet for a sustainable future, for future generations! We will be posting some of the fabulous work we have done based on the book, so keep your eyes peeled!

This half term’s theme following on from our work on the book ‘Here we are’ will based on the theme ‘Journeys’.

Following our whole class transition zoom and the wonderful ideas and questions about our new topic from the children, our studies based on journeys will focus on:


In English, we will be reading the book Cosmic by Frank Cottrell- Boyce and following a young boy’s journey into Space, which doesn’t quite go to plan! This adventure story through Space will certainly take us on an exciting journey!


Journey through Space! Linking to our English text, we will be looking at the scale of our universe and taking a trip into Space! We will look at the relative size of other planets in comparison to Earth and discover how day and night is created on Earth. We will sail past asteroids, meteorites and dwarf planets, understanding what is out there beyond our blue planet!


As a class, we are going to be taking a ‘roadtrip’ and going on a journey to some new places we have never visited before! We are going to be ‘roadtripping’ across parts of North America, stopping off at some remarkable sights such as the Grand Canyon and completing an in depth study of Canada! We will look at climate differences across North America and the amazing physical and human Geography the continent has to offer!


We will going on an underwater journey and creating our own seascape paintings! We will focus closely on creating depth and texture in our painting using shades of colour and different brush techniques. We will also be using water and the sounds of water to inspire our compositions in music!


Linked to our journey through Space topic, we will be looking at the History of Space travel and the first man to land on the moon!


On Tuesday’s, we will be doing athletics, looking at ways to improve personal goals in running, jumping and throwing events. On Friday’s the children will be improving their golf skills with trigolf! This will include improving our accuracy and the controlling the distance of the ball, building up to golf challenges.


In R.E, we will be looking at the creation of the world and exploring different ideas and beliefs on how the world was created, including the ideas from Science and contrasting these with different religious views.

MFL- French- We will be revisiting simple greetings in French and building our vocabulary in order to be able to discuss our daily routines in French!

Collective worship:

Every day the children will take part in class worship and our value we will be discussing this term is kindness.

Our whole school big question, linked to our value is: Do you have to like someone to be kind to them?

Key notices:

The children in Sycamore Class must come to school, ready for P.E on Tuesday’s and Fridays.

Reading books must be bought in every day and any reading at home should be recorded in the children’s home school reading diaries.