Mundford Church of England Primary Academy

Rowan Class

A very warm welcome from Rowan Class!

Key Rowan Class Notices:

Swimming will be every Tuesday afternoon; please could we ensure we remember our swimming kit for this day.

Reading should happen every day, even if your child reads to themselves. This is absolutely fine; it just needs to be recorded by them in their reading diaries.

Spellings will be given out every Tuesday and will be tested on Monday every week.

Our first Mundford Junction will be Tuesday 28th November 2017.

Rowan Class have had an excellent first week back, kick starting our new topic for the first half term, ‘Shipwrecked’. We have lots of exciting and enriching learning opportunities this half term based on our shipwrecked topic, linking our topic across the curriculum.

In English we will be looking at the text ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpurgo. The story follows a boy called Michael who goes on a journey of a lifetime sailing around the world with his family. However, when the boat hits rough seas and turbulent weather, Michael is thrown overboard and finds himself stranded on a deserted island. He soon finds signs of life on the island and the book follows his incredible survival story. The children will study the story carefully, using the text to write their own balanced arguments on sailing the world, a recount of becoming shipwrecked and surviving on a deserted island, to newspaper reports on Michael’s journey. Our science will also link closely with Michael’s story and sailing the world. We will be looking this half term at ‘working scientifically’ and using all of our skills to carry out scientific investigations on for example finding the best material for a waterproof coat, and testing boats made of different materials, focussing on floating and sinking.

In Geography, the children will be given a ‘message in a bottle’, giving them map based clues on an area in the world their boat may have become shipwrecked. This will lead us to Rio, Brazil. The children will develop their map skills by pinpointing the key physical features of South America and looking at the 8 key compass points to describe key locations in South America. Our studies will then take us to look at the key physical and human features of South America, with a more in depth study of the Amazon Basin and Peruvian Andes.

In History, based on the idea of ‘treasure’ linked to our shipwrecked topic, the children will be studying the Mayans, using role play to discover the ‘Mayan Gold’ and ruins. The topic will then take us onto looking at where the Mayans lived, their society, their inventions including a reading and writing system, to their religion and beliefs. Art will also link to the Mayans, looking at the intricacies of Mayan craft, where the children will sketch different types of Mayan mask, and design and create their own!

Mathematics this half term will look independently at the place value of up to 6 digit numbers, and continuing to develop our addition, subtraction skills. However, links to our shipwreck topic will include number on the area and depths of the seas of the world, and looking at the Mayan number system.

Our computing will also incorporate our shipwreck topic, by using our search engine skills to research topic areas, such as the countries Michael visits on his journey around the world and research within our geography sessions. The children will look at the basics of a search engine page, how to use search engines correctly and how to gain the most reliable information for their search topic by looking carefully at search results and valid web pages.

We will also have a 25 minute French lesson every week, and an R.E lesson each week, which will be separate to the shipwrecked topic.

We are all looking forward to an exciting and enjoyable first half term as Rowan Class!

Miss Coates.