Mundford Church of England Primary Academy

Rowan Class

Welcome to Rowan Class

Global Neighbours

Our first school topic is Global Neighbours and in Rowan Class we will be exploring the big questions:

  • How can we help out global neighbours?
  • How does an earthquake affect a biome?
  • Are some classes of living things more important to help than others?

The children particularly wanted to learn about helping bees and had the following questions:

  • How do bees make honey?
  • How do bees worship their queen bee?
  • What do bees do in the hive?
  • Can you have a pet bee?
  • Why do bees die when they sting people?
  • How many bees are there?
  • How do we help animals?
  • I want to learn how to pick up rubbish
  • What is inside a bee?
  • How fast and high can a bee fly?

We will add more of our learning as the term progresses.