Mundford Church of England Primary Academy

Rowan Class

Welcome to Rowan Class

Miss Beaumont & Miss Brown are excited to be taking over Rowan Class and will be filling this page with pictures of all our exciting learning once the Autumn Term starts.

For now, here are links to the Summer Holiday Homework:

Remember, finding just 20 minutes a week for Maths, Reading & English will help keep all the skills you learnt last year ticking over and make sure you make a flying start when you return in September.

Our first theme is Creation

We discussed this during transition and these are some of the things the class want to learn:

  • How did humans learn to make buildings & how did technology start?
  • What are natural resources?
  • How is food made?
  • How to speak Chinese, French & German & Spanish.
  • Caring for animals; the problems of littering the earth
  • How are lakes, rivers, mountains & seas formed?
  • How are islands formed? How are geysers formed?
  • How to make a shelter/survival/animal traps.
  • How was the world created?
  • How are planets made?
  • What has messed up the horseshoe orbit of the earth’s moon?
  • How many comets come round?
  • What are planets made from?

In order to try and answer these here are some of the things we will be learning:

  • English/RE: Creation Stories & Myths
  • English/Computing: Persuasive Writing & Letters, Publishing for Different Audiences
  • Science/Geography: The Water Cycle
  • Science: States of Matter (solids, liquids & gases), Reversible & Irreversible Changes
  • History: Stone Age to Iron Age; Ancient Civilizations, including the Mayans
  • Art: Collage (including using natural resources & recycling litter)
  • DT: Mechanical Systems (and how we can use these to design survival items)
  • Languages: Introducing Ourselves, Counting
  • We are also going to have a whole week (maybe two) immersing ourselves in learning about Space!


– Tuesday: Swimming

– Friday: Invasion Games

– Please try and have your PE kit & trainers in school every day as there will also be House Competitions to take part in and the Daily Mile.


End of year expectations for Year 4

End of year expectations for Year 5