Mundford Church of England Primary Academy

Primary PE & Sports Funding

Last year we received £8625.  We are instructed by the Department for Education that we must spend this funding to improve our provision of PE and sport in school.  With the intention of engaging and inspiring our pupils and to raise the standard and profile of curriculum PE and extracurricular opportunities, the school has acted to ensure that their provision is placed in a position of sustainability.  The school has 3 objectives for the provision of PE and Sport

To provide clubs after school that engage our pupils:

We have asked children what activities they would like after school and as a consequence provided the following activities over the year: handball, volleyball, outdoor adventure, badminton and archery.

IMPACT: 45 pupils, on average, took part in after school clubs each term.


To update resources used in school:

We have purchased tennis stands and nets.

IMPACT: The nets are quick to erect and have been used by two classes for short tennis lessons – a total of 58 children have benefitted so far.


To develop a positive attitude towards an active pursuits beyond school in the local environment:

Our Year 4 pupils used the forest to learn about ways in which they could be safe, fit and active.  The school will employ Wild4Fitness to deliver a programme that is similar to Forest Schools but will incorporate exercise too.

IMPACT: 28 pupils benefitted from this programme.