Mundford Church of England Primary Academy

Elm Class

Autumn Term in Elm Class

This half term in Elm Class, our theme is Creation, linking to the wonders of the world around us and looking after our environment for the future. As part of our theme, our topic work focuses on the Amazon Rainforest! This includes looking at the location of the Rainforest, using our mapping skills, understand the physical Geography of the Amazon Rainforest and the many human threats that pose danger to the future of the Amazon. As part of our studies, we will be writing newspaper reports on the fires in the Amazon and non-chronological reports on the Geography and wonders the Rainforest has to offer! In addition, we will be creating our own water cycles and creating our own collage rivers, exploring the different parts of a river and its journey. One of the books we will be studying this topic, linked to the Amazon, is the Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson, a great read about a girl who moves to the Amazon with her family and her adventures in the Rainforest!

Our creation topic also extends further into our English. In Elm Class, we are currently reading Kensuke’s Kingdom, in which a boy goes sailing around the world but falls overboard in a terrible storm. He then has to adapt to life on a deserted island, but the island isn’t all it seems! This book will inspire our descriptive narrative and letter ‘in a bottle’ writing!

Our creation topic also sees us explore animals, their habitats, food chains and how animals adapt to their environments across the world in Science. We will also be venturing into Space, to explore what is beyond our world! In Art, we are also using Art inspired by nature, using work of other artists to create our own nature inspired pieces through drawing, painting and collage!

I look forward to a very exciting first topic!

A look into our work on our creation topic so far!

Visit from the Forestry Commission

As part of our work on environmental sustainability and how we can look after our world for future generations, Elm Class had a visit from the Forestry Commission to discuss how our forests are looked after locally, to ensure they remain for the future. We also discussed what the forest is used for and how we can make a difference!

Important notices:

Our next Mundford Junction date: Tuesday 26th November 2019- 9.30-10.30am.

Below are a few things to remember over the year:

Every day, children must have their reading diaries, a reading book and their spelling practice journals.

Every Monday, we will check that the children have their reading diaries and that they have been recording daily reading.

Spellings will be tested every Monday and new spellings will be given out each Tuesday.

Pick ‘n’ mix and Maths homework will be due each Wednesday and given back out on Fridays. Homework each week will be 1 piece of Maths, based on what we have been learning in class and a pick ‘n’ mix piece of your choice.

Swimming kits for those swimming this year will be needed for Tuesdays.

For those not swimming, P.E kits will be needed for Tuesday.

Everyone must have a P.E kit for Fridays.

End of year expectations for Year 6