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Spelling Menu

When you are practicing your spellings each day, you may want to choose a different or more exciting way of practicing them! Opposite is a spelling menu for you to choose some ideas from!

Goodnight Mr Tom

Please find a link opposite to download the PDF version of Goodnight Mr Tom, Happy Reading!

Elm Class Half term activities!

Well done everyone, you have worked super hard and deserve this half term break! Hopefully the good weather will stay with us for a little while to enjoy! Below is a list of activities as inspiration you could try over the half term, have a great week!

A lovely idea is to think about the future and the things you may like to do when these times are over. You could maybe write these down and put these into a jar to remind you!

Could you get outside and build yourself a reading den? A great way to relax is to have a comfy space to read in.

Could you make something for your room, as a memory of this time spent at home? A lovely idea is cutting the first letter of your name out of cardboard and wrapping it in different colour wools! They look really effective and can stand on a shelf or a desk in a room!

Yarn Wrapped Cardboard Letters - ARTBAR
Yarn-Wrapped Initials | Play | CBC Parents

Could you try some new recipes when baking or cooking? I would love to see what you have made? Maybe you could help make dinner for the other members of your family?

Get outside and enjoy what nature has to offer! Go on a scavenger hunt, help with some gardening and help plant something, take some inspiration from nature to do some sketching or artwork! You could even lay down and look at the different shapes the clouds make! If you feel like being creative, you could collect some things from outside and create your own mobile!

autumn mobile

The RSPB are also running a ‘wildart’ competition, find out more here:

I have attached some Lego building challenges to school website if you would like to have a go! For example, can you build some famous world landmarks using Lego?

Audible by Amazon have some free children’s audiobooks to download during this time, take a look!

Our topic this term: Take one picture

This half term in
Elm Class, we are going to go on a journey to experience what life was like in
World War 2, led by our ‘Take one picture’ topic, in which the children were
given a propaganda poster from the time, encouraging soldiers to join the army
in the war effort! We are going to become evacuees for the day and experience
what it was like for a child growing up during these difficult times and look
at the key events that happened during the war! We have also turned our reading
corner into an air raid shelter to make sure we are prepared!

In English, we are
going to be reading Goodnight Mr Tom, by Michelle Magorian, following the
journey of an evacuee and his new life in the countryside. The story takes us
from the declaration of war and shows us what struggles people faced during the
time. This fantastic book will lead our writing into creating diary entries,
letters and newspaper articles over the term!

Our Geography will
take us on adventure across the country, looking at diary entries from evacuees
at the time and comparing the cities and urban environments they were evacuated
from, to the rural locations they came to stay for safety. We will look at a
real- life diary entry of a young girl, who was evacuated from London and came
to stay near Mundford!

History will take
us along the timeline of the war from how the war began, to key events such as
the Blitz and D-day. As part of this fantastic topic, we will be taking a trip
to the Imperial War museum in London to find out even more about life during the

In Art, we will be
getting creative with our colour mixing skills and creating sunset silhouette
paintings, depicting the skyline of London during the Blitz and using our
sketching and shading skills to create portraits of soldiers, inspired by artist
L.S Lowry, a war artist.

In Maths, we will
also be using our money, measurement and arithmetic skills to understand food
rationing and rationed recipes from the war. In Science, we will be looking at
how light was used strategically to help defeat the enemy, including looking at
how blackouts were used and we will also be looking at properties of materials
and creating our own Anderson shelters!

It’s going to be a
great term, full of interesting learning. Elm Class: if you have any family
links to the war, please bring in a picture or a story; it would be great to
add these to a display!

End of year expectations for Year 6