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Roald Dahl

This half-term the school theme will be exploring the work of Roald Dahl.  Elm Class had lots of questions about his early life and inspiration, so we will be reading Boy and learning about biography in our non-fiction English lessons with Miss Beaumont.  We will also explore the geography of Norway and other places that Roald Dahl was inspired by.  Miss Brown’s English will use Revolting Rhymes as a starting point for writing narrative poetry and funny stories.  In art, we will be exploring the history of illustration.  This will take us on a journey through time, including some focussed learning about the influence of the Ancient Greeks on modern art and design.  We will also look at Quentin Blake’s use of the lightbox – learning about light and how we see things in science so that we can design our own light boxes.

Other Subjects
Maths: Place Value; Comparing, ordering & rounding numbers; Calculation methods with large numbers & decimals; Time (reading clocks, calculating time intervals, solving problems)
PE: Swimming & Football skills
RE: Science & Creation – complementary or conflicting?
Languages: French

Welcome to Elm Class: Essential Information for September

English Links

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Oxford Owl (free ebooks & reading activities)

BBC KS2 Bitesize (Maths, Science & English)

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Pick n Mix Homework: Homework expectations will increase in Year 6 to help prepare the children for High School.  In the Autumn Term, children will be expected to complete a written piece of Maths and English homework, as well as practising spellings and reading regularly (see below).  Homework menus will be given out in September.  We will continue to run a lunchtime homework club at school and, if children do not complete their homework, they may be asked to catch this up during the day at school.  Homework books should be handed in on THURSDAYS, so we appreciate if you could help your child remember this.  Thank you.

Spellings: These are given out and tested every Thursday, and will be linked to our current teaching.  It is expected that children will practise them at home at least three times during the week.  The children will have ‘spelling menus’ which detail different ways of practising words.  The words are chosen to extend children’s vocabulary as well as spelling ability, so children are also expected to find out what any unfamiliar words mean and ensure they can use them in a sentence.

Reading: Children are expected to read on a daily basis and record this in their home-school diary.  We want to foster a love of reading, so this can be books of their choice as well as their school reading book and Bug Club.  Kindles, e-books, magazines, comics, recipe books, newspapers and instructions all count.  In order to develop vital comprehension skills, children also need to regularly talk about what they are reading with an adult.