Mundford Church of England Primary Academy

Elm Class

Welcome to Hogwarts

This half-term we have transformed the classroom into a school of magic, inspired by Harry Potter.  In Care of Magical Creatures the children will learn about the forest habitat and how to recognise and classify the creatures within it.  Students will also be writing explanation texts and guides to looking after the creatures.  Arithmancy will focus on decimals, measurements & percentages in preparation for our Potions classes.  Study of the Ancients will take us back in time to look at some of the earliest muggle civilizations.  Our Muggle Studies will explore ethical and moral dilemmas faced and the influences that help them make difficult decisions.

Other Subjects
Art: Painting
Music: Film Soundtracks & Creating Mood
English: Fantasy Stories
PE: Swimming, Netball & Basketball Skills
RE: What Would Jesus Do?
Computing: Spreadsheets
Languages: French

English Links

Bug Club


Oxford Owl (free ebooks & reading activities)

BBC KS2 Bitesize (Maths, Science & English)

English Games

Computing Links

Purple Mash – children all have their own log-in details.



Elm Class becomes Hogwarts

Autumn 2018

Mundford Junction


SAT Revision Homework

Each week Year 6s are expected to complete some reading test practice and maths revision from the SAT revision books they have been given.  The reading practice should take approximately 10 minutes, but alongside this they should also be learning spellings and continuing to read for pleasure.  We recommend that they spend a couple of sessions on their Maths on different days, spending no more than 30mins at a time.  We will review the homework at school.  If your child is finding something really difficult, don’t worry about it – just make sure they tell us at school so we can work on helping them with it.

The schedule for work and when to hand it in can be found below

Spellings: These are given out and tested every Thursday, and will be linked to our current teaching.  It is expected that children will practise them at home at least three times during the week.  The children will have ‘spelling menus’ which detail different ways of practising words.  The words are chosen to extend children’s vocabulary as well as spelling ability, so children are also expected to find out what any unfamiliar words mean and ensure they can use them in a sentence.

Reading: Children are expected to read on a daily basis and record this in their home-school diary.  We want to foster a love of reading, so this can be books of their choice as well as their school reading book and Bug Club.  Kindles, e-books, magazines, comics, recipe books, newspapers and instructions all count.  In order to develop vital comprehension skills, children also need to regularly talk about what they are reading with an adult.


End of year expectations for Year 6