Mundford Church of England Primary Academy

Rowan Class

Summer 2nd: Passport to the World

Rowan Class are representing Benin in the Munford Olympics.  This half-term we will be learning about the country and it’s history as well as how it fits within the wider continent of Africa.  We will also be learning about how sounds are made and how we hear different sounds so that we can design and make our own instruments and then compose some African-style music.

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Summer Term: Kings & Queens

For this theme Rowan Class are focussing on the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.  We wanted to learn:

  • How did The Egyptians make pyramids?
  • What happened to them?
  • Who is more powerful: a king or a queen?
  • Who is the richest king or queen?
  • About current kings & queens and how our own royal family started?

The Knowledge Organiser sets out the key content as well as recommended reads and ideas for learning at home.  Timetables, class information and useful links can now all be found on Google Classroom – our remote learning platform.  If any parents or children need help with this, please contact Miss Brown via the class email.

Spring 2nd – Changes

In this topic we focussed on water – looking at how it changes state from solid to liquid to gas, the water cycle and rivers.  We also experimented with changing states when we are cooking.

Spring 1st – Night at the Museum

Here is a selection of some of the fabulous work you’ve done at home during this topic.  We focussed on the Roman Invasion of Britain and Boudicca’s revolt, with visits via video link from some Romans and Celts as well as a Q&A session with historians from Norwich Castle Museum.  The Romans were very good builders so we investigated structures for DT and we learnt about how electricity works in Science in order to light up our museums.

Work from our Here we Are & Journeys themes in Autumn 1: